Training for Police, Military, Security

For the police department, military unit, or security team that wants defensive tactics training for their officers.
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The Tactical Arts Integrated Defensive Tactics program is designed to provide effective life-saving training for the officer or operator while minimizing liability for their department. Lessons are arranged in short workshops, multi-day seminars or through customized training programs. Topics range from weapon retention, weapon disarming, control tactics, edged weapon survival, learning pre-attack cues, scenario training and more.

Instructor Leslie Buck and the Tactical Arts instructor team have many years of experience teaching law enforcement and military, so they understand your needs. All our techniques are based on sound tactics and use simple, easy to learn movements that have a wide range of applications. Firearms, impact weapons, edged weapons and unarmed skills are all integrated into one system, so when you are practicing one, you are also practicing the movements of another. This saves you training time and results in better learning retention.

The Tactical Arts Integrated Defensive Tactics program is customized to fit the needs of each individual department, unit, or team that has a need for training in use-of-force situations. Our training will prepare officers for difficult situations without injuring them in the process.

  • Free consultation to find the best solution for your needs.
  • As few as just 4 hours to get effective training.
  • Scheduled to fit the best times for your department.
  • Training held at your location.
  • Taught by Leslie Buck with over 24 years of teaching police and military personnel.
  • Pricing starts at $500 for a short workshop.
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Instructor Leslie Buck has taught everything from in-service classes, conferences and defensive tactics instructor programs to officers from local, city, state and federal departments as well as military personnel. He has consulted as an instructor for the Philippines National Police, Philippine Armed Forces, the US Army and US Marines.