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Brand: Tactical Arts
Availability: Out Of Stock

Price: $1.50

Here is a 4.5" tall x 4" wide window sticker with the Tactical Arts Academy logo.  The actual sticker is white print on a clear background.  The adhesive is on the back, and the sticker is intended to be put on the outside of the window.

Application:  For best results, place a piece of removable tape along the top edge of the sticker once leveld in place.  Pull the sticker up using the tape as a hinge.  Remove the backing.  Apply the sticker slowly from top to bottom using your finger or a plastic card to press the sticker to the mounting surface.  Doing this slowly will allow the sticker to set without any bubbles.  After application, buff the sticker smooth with the same plastic card or the back of your fingernail to remove any opaque areas.

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