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Mobility - Super Front Rack

Mobility - Super Front Rack

This exercise will aid in improving overhead position and the front rack position. You can perform the exercise using a moderate resistance band tied off at about knee level.

IMPROVES: Overhead positioning and front rack positioning

TEST: Gauge your shoulder flexibility by racking the bar in preparation for a front squat



1. Loop your hand through the resistance band and grip both strands to ensure a solid handle.

DSCN9727.1  DSCN9728.1


2. Rotate your hand palm up. As you turn your back towards the band, step forward and rotate the shoulder outward.


3. Maintaining the hand position, begin to rotate the shoulder beneath the band and stand upright to increase tension in the shoulder. Try to create a straight line from the bicep down to the lower back.


4. Leaning forward with your weight, increase the rotation in the shoulder. If the elbow begins to fold outward, grab it with the opposite hand to keep it in line.


This exercise will help to develop flexibility and range of motion in overhead positioning and front rack positioning

RE-TEST: Reassess your shoulder flexibility by racking the bar in preparation for a front squat.


Credit: Becoming a Supple Leopard, Kelly Starrett

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