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Mobility - Overhead External Rotation Bias

Mobility - Overhead External Rotation Bias

This exercise will aid in improving overhead position and the shoulder's external rotation in torque. You can perform the exercise using a suspended resistance band.

IMPROVES: Overhead positioning, external rotation, shoulder torque capacity in a barbell push press

TEST: Gauge your shoulder flexibility with an unloaded push press or test with a belt/resistance band assisted posture clasp stretch on each arm.


1. Loop your arm through the suspended band, placing the band just under the elbow on the lower end of the tricep.


2. Keeping the band taut, bend your primary arm and clasp the band. Engage your torso to help maintain a stable midsection.


3. Increase the muscular tension by grabbing the elbow of your primary arm with your free hand, gently pulling it toward your head while steadily lowering your stance. As the tension increases, try to maintain a consistent level of torque in the shoulder.


This exercise will help to develope flexibility and range of motion in potential shoulder torquing.

RE-TEST: Repeat an unloaded push and press or test with an assisted posture clasp on either arm, gradually decreasing distance to gauge flexibility.



Credit: Becoming a Supple Leopard, Kelly Starrett


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