What Our Clients Say About Us

Here are a few reviews that our clients posted online.

  • I have been studying Pekiti Tirsia Kali at the Tactical Arts Academy for over 2 years now and have found the quality of instruction, material, and training environment top notch. The instructors are very knowledgeable and accomplished in the art, and the atmosphere is friendly and welcoming. The focus is on quality of instruction and student development, and the school does not suffer from the over-commercialism that one often finds in other places. Highly recommended.
    John C. Filipino Martial Arts Program
  • "I have been training at the Tactical Arts Academy for over a year. I have several years of martial arts experience and this is the real deal. Not a McDojo. Great training from a high ranking instructor. If you are interested in the blade arts, this is it.
    Gary G. Filipino Martial Arts Program
  • "This is one of the best kali/escrima schools to be found. The instructor, Leslie Buck, is an excellent teacher who focuses on his students. This is a great place to train.
    David H. Filipino Martial Arts Program
  • I have been taking CrossFit classes with the guys and gals at Tactical Arts CrossFit for 3 months now and I have enjoyed every session. The trainers are approachable and helpful. The teacher to student ratio at Tactical Arts CrossFit is very good as well. The facility is comfortable and climate controlled. I tried out another CrossFit location (Crossfit Central) and I did not like a few things about that location (The gym is basically a garage with the garage doors open to along a busy street and more of a typical gym feel). When I found Tactical Arts CrossFit it was a perfect match. I would recommend anyone who is looking to try CrossFit to check out Tactical Arts CrossFit.
    Tim M. Warrior Athlete Program
  • Ive been studying Kali and Silat here for about 6 months now. I really enjoy Leslie's teaching style and the rest of the students here are great. No big egos and everyone is there to help train and make each other better.
    Jeb K. Filipino & Indonesian Martial Arts Programs
  • This is an amazing art. I've have taken different types of marshal arts thought out my life. The art is really practical. You have sticks, knives and there is a empty hand application. It deals with practical street fighting and survival. The strikes they are used not with your fist, but with your open hand. The reason, you can cut your fist open if you hit someone's mouth. The open hand 'dumog-pangamut' when applied is very effective. It is used for hitting the head, ears or other body parts which causes people to be stupefied and dazed. That's when PTK stops becoming nice and the real hurt begins. As for instructors you could have picked a better person. Leslie Buck is probably the best teacher out there. He is reserved and focus on his students who want to learn. The classroom environment is the reason why people come back. The students here are very nice and are will to help anybody out if they have a question. Non of the students are trying to 'prove' anything, we all just want to learn. The reason why I take Pekiti Tirsia Kali and Mande Muda Pencak Silat is because when I get deployed to Afghanistan with my 4th. Reconnaissance brothers (3rd. Platoon), at lease I know I will have a some what of chance to come home alive. To me it is about survival; that is what this art is about...being alive.
    Travis H. Filipino & Indonesian Martial Arts Programs
  • I've been taking Filipino martial arts here for almost 3 years and think that the school is great. Leslie Buck is an impressive martial artist and great teacher and does most of the teaching himself. You don't get that personalized instruction from the head of the school at most places. Filipino Kali is weapons intensive and practical for self defense. More of a combat art instead of a "sport" martial art. This is not a cookie cutter Tae Kwon Do school. The facility is very nice and there are a lot of fun people at the school. Starting is easy and beginners are made to feel welcome from the start.
    Eric W. Filipino Martial Arts Program
  • I trained with Leslie and Patrick at KR Training. I was very impressed with their knowledge. Both are excellent instructors. If I lived near Tactical Arts Academy, I would not hesitate to utilize their facility in Austin! I look forward to more training at KR Training, and recommend Tactical Arts Academy to anyone in the Austin area!
    Michelle S. Self Defense Workshop
  • So, I had an exciting night last night. I had gone to HEB and gotten some pot stickers, and was sitting in front of my new place enjoying them and listening to the radio with my window rolled down. A man walked up to my window and stuck a semi-automatic pistol in my face. Without thinking, I got out of the way of the gun, locked out his arm, and hit him with the car door. I tried and failed to disarm him, but managed to pin him up against the car and got a good elbow in before he slipped out and ran down the street, where he had a car and driver waiting.... It happened so quickly, I didn't have time to think, only to react. I am so grateful to my time training and the instructors whose time and effort helped to keep me safe last night. Thank you, Guro Scott Han and Tuhon Leslie L. Buck Jr.
    Lincoln S. Filipino & Indonesian Martial Arts Programs
  • Tactical Arts is the best gym I've ever belonged to, hands down. The instructors are top-notch and help you produce serious improvement. Given the amount of individual attention, Tactical Arts is also surprisingly inexpensive. I am new to CrossFit, but Patrick and Leslie really helped me get over the initial jitters that come when you start a new exercise program. The other folks that attend the classes were great too, they are much friendlier than your average gym-goers. You owe it to yourself to check out Tactical Arts.
    Will C. Strength & Conditioning Program
  • I've been taking Crossfit with the Tactical Arts Academy for six months. The trainers are very experienced and motivating. They make the work outs exciting and fun. I've been to several gyms and never had the same results. At this time I've lost 3 dress sizes. I always look forward to going. I've recommended Tactical Arts Academy to several friends!
    Brenda B. Strength & Conditioning Program
  • One word. Awesome! The instructors are fun, energetic, and motivating. The crossfit workouts are intense but they work with you to keep you encouraged. The owner, Leslie, keeps working on the facility to make it even better than it is! - he's added more equipment, is open to suggestions from class members, and the instructors post pics and videos to their site so you can watch yourself working hard and improving! I recommend Tactical Arts Academy to anyone who is serious about getting fit while meeting great people and working with fun professionals.
    Carla L. Strength & Conditioning Program
  • TACTICAL ARTS ACADEMY CROSSFIT IS AMAZINGLY ADDICTIVE!!!! I made this Yelp account influenced by my incredibly positive experiences and love for Tactical Arts Academy's Crossfit program. It's easy to review something when you hate it, but when positive reviews are out there, it makes it much more meaningful. Please don't let my "review count" influence the sincerity of this review. With that said, I began Crossfit a little over a month ago. I was hesitant at first. As a graduate student, working out had taken a back seat in my life. In fact, prior to joining Tactical Arts, I had never really worked out on a consistent basis other than purchasing a yearly gym membership and going two times after new year's promising myself this would be the year I would get in shape (and fail). However, I was really blessed to be able to become part of the Tactical Arts family after one of my best friends, who is also a member, recommended their Crossfit program and spoke highly about Leslie and Patrick (the instructors). After some email correspondence with Leslie, he set me up with a beginners program with Patrick that met 3x a week for 2 weeks. After my first beginners class, I instantly knew Tactical Arts would be the perfect fit for me--Patrick was incredibly helpful, really intelligent, and, most of all, patient with me since I had never been exposed to many of the exercises Crossfit requires. Leslie and Patrick do a great job in watching out for proper form and will correct you to make sure you are getting the most out of your workouts as possible. SO WHERE ARE THE RESULTS? I see them everyday. I feel healthier, I am eating healthier, I see it in the mirror, and I am doing exercises with weights I had no business being able to do a month ago. I currently attend Crossfit classes there 3x a week and I look forward to those days the most (had you told me I would look forward to working out a month ago I would have laughed at you). Though there are other Crossfit gyms in Austin, I highly recommend checking Tactical Arts out first--the instructors are amazing and friendly, our members are some of the most encouraging and supportive people I've met, and best of all, we're a big family. And a quick note on the familial environment here at Tactical Arts- those who finish the workout of the day before others will often, despite their tiredness, cheer on and encourage those remaining to fight through it. Before joining I remember asking my friend what he thought of the other members there and I completely agree with him--everyone is friendly and it makes for a really positive atmosphere. Thank you Leslie and Patrick for all of the hard work you guys put into making all of us a healthier person! I recommend Tactical Arts to anyone without reservation.
    Armand J. Strength & Conditioning Program
  • I recently started doing CrossFit at the Tactical Arts Academy. Having visited a few different CrossFit boxes before I signed up, I selected this one based on their culture and mindset--one that is much more about helping you push and challenge yourself safely, than an all-out, more-is-never-enough, exercise-till-you-puke mentality. The coaches at Tactical Arts have the skills that matter to me. They know correct form for the exercises; they can explain to you why and how that form will help you avoid injury; they can explain to you how that form will increase your performance; and they keep an eye on you to make sure you're using correct form. At the same time, they do a good job of walking that line between really motivating and encouraging me, while still allowing me to ramp up gradually and build my confidence. (The more confident I am that I can do the moves correctly without getting injured, the more weight I'm willing to lift, and the harder I'm willing to try.) They are genuine in their desire to help you improve your fitness, and in their desire to keep you healthy in the process. Both coach's resumes are varied and awe-inspiring, and yet, they are friendly, warm, and approachable at all times. A bonus: they keep their gym/training space spotless.
    Becky K. Strength & Conditioning Program
  • I been doing crossfit with Tactical Arts Academy for 3 months. Other than adding more muscle definition, I've been getting stronger and learning skill. Leslie is very helpful with perfect form feedback on my lifts. Patrick is a great motivator and will talk you in to pushing yourself that extra mile you thought you never had, Bob is very good at giving you positive feedback. Overall I been happy with their service to me, and I'm satisfied.
    Xiomar G. Strength & Conditioning Program
  • I have been taking Crossfit at the Tactical Arts Academy for about four months. I'm 58, and have worked out regularly for years, including Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido, competitive tennis, weight lifting, running, hiking, and golf. I am amazed at the effect that Crossfit has had on my body. I have gained muscle, and lost fat, especially in that area around my waist that is so hard to trim down. I was so impressed with Crossfit that I dropped my gym membership of 10 years after one month of Crossfit. I especially appreciate the individualized, detailed instruction that I am receiving in powerlifting and Olympic weight lifting techniques, and the small class size. It is astounding how much you can affect your body with a relatively short, intense Crossfit workout.
    Ken M. Strength & Conditioning Program
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