Learn Who We Are


The Tactical Arts Academy is a supportive community made of individuals who seek to continually improve themselves through education and physical challenge. We are people who support doing what is right in a time when respect and character are hard to find. Our students and instructors come from diverse backgrounds including private citizens, members of law enforcement and the military.

Together, we support each another as a team, and we cooperate as a community. Our goal is to share our passion for the arts and serve to make our world more safe by preparing you to meet any challenge, crush any task, and defeat any enemy. We do not believe in failure, only success.  We do not believe in sickness, only good health.  We do not believe in death, only life.


The Tactical Arts Academy teaches traditional fighting arts from Indonesia and the Philippines as well as modern and professional systems, including self-defense, defensive tactics, military combatives and private firearms training.  We offer this training through seminars, workshops, classes, private training and consulting.  

We offer world class instruction and effective training in order to save lives. Though our programs are fun, they are taught so that you will see real improvement in your physical skills, performance, and understanding. This approach is designed to empower you and allow you to become the expert.