Simple, Practical, Self Protection

For the person who wants simple, practical self defense, but does not want to spend years in training to be effective.
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The Tactical Arts Integrated Self Defense program was designed to provide the most efficient, expansive self defense program available. This program is for you if you want to learn simple, practical self defense, but do not want to spend years training in martial arts. This course integrates firearms, edged weapons, impact weapons, and empty hands self defense skills all into one system so you can learn to apply the material quickly and effectively.

Instructor Leslie Buck is one of the most respected members in his field in the world and has taught people from all walks of life how to save themselves from the most serious situations. After over 28 years of dedicated study and instruction, Leslie and the instructors at Tactical Arts have developed a curriculum best suited to give a person a fighting chance when they need it most. You will learn to apply empty hands skills, defensive weapon skills, gun retention, gun disarming, situational awareness and more.
For most people, time is the biggest commodity they have, but we still know that the ability to protect one’s family and oneself is of the utmost importance. For those of us that don’t have the ability to give countless months and years to traditional martial art, we designed a simple system of self defense tactics and strategies designed to give you a big advantage in a small amount of time.
  • Learn at your convenience through seminars, short workshops, or private lessons.
  • Seminars and workshops can be arranged at your location.
  • Taught by Master Instructor Leslie Buck and Tactical Arts Academy instructors.
  • Prices vary depending on method of instruction.


Contact us today.  You’ll learn more about Tactical Arts, and see if our training is right for you.
We will only be taking a few new members for private training.
Instructor Leslie Buck has decades of experience in martial arts and self defense. He holds the rank of Tuhon (master) in Filipino martial arts, and is a firearms instructor with many certifications. He has consulted as an instructor for the Philippine Armed Forces, the US Army and US Marines. Leslie also teaches law enforcement for many departments both large and small in Texas.