Defensive Tactics & Self Defense Instructor

Instructor Justin Fischer

Justin is a Defensive Tactics instructor who has a variety of sports and tactical experience. He enjoys learning new things, competing and teaching others. In addition to Defensive Tactics, Justin has been studying firearm and tactical medicine. Justin is an avid fitness competitor and enjoys High-Intensity-Training with a focus on functional strength. He won the title of Fittest Executive in 2013 in an all-around fitness competition by Fit Company. He also serves as a Fitness Ambassador and spokesman for the group to inspire people to find a work/life/fitness balance.  Video

He has played competitive soccer for 30 years and has coached for the last 10 years. He is a "E" state-level coach and very active in the youth soccer community.

Justin is also active in the local and national TV and film industry. You can usually find him playing tactical roles. Video